eBottles offers an unrivaled variety of stock child resistant packaging, leading patented designs and constant product innovation. eBottles supports  customers’ sustainability initiatives with conscious options that make a difference in the packaging life cycle.

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Sustainable Cannabis Packaging

Valuable Materials

Glass and PET plastic are the most valuable materials in the waste stream because they are the easiest to recycle and reuse. eBottles is always on the lookout for the next great sustainable cannabis packaging and will continue testing materials as they become available.

Made From Ocean Bound Plastic

All eBottles PET and PP products can be made from certified Ocean Bound material. OBP or Ocean Bound Plastic is recovered from communities within 50 km of shores where waste management is inexistent or inefficient. Not only does using OBP reuse material, it also helps rescue plastic that might otherwise end up in waterways or the ocean.

Location Matters

eBottles works with a curated group of global and domestic manufacturers. For our customers looking to limit the distance their packaging needs to travel, we offer domestic options with jar and closure manufacturers located in the US, Canada and Mexico.


All eBottles plastic products can be produced using 25% to 100% post consumer recycled material. Even a small percentage of PCR can make a difference in the plastic lifecycle.

Shipped to make an impact

eBottles offers packing options to reduce and reuse the materials used to transport our packaging. We can package our jars in reusable shipping cartons that once filled with product, can be used again for distribution. We also offer the option to do away with corrugated boxes all together and pack completely in lighter shrink wrap bundles.

Bring Your Brand to Life

Let us help you brand your eBottles packaging.  Whether we are labeling your lids, glass jars or tubes, we have the capabilities to do it all in house.  

  • In House Label Printing
  • In House Designers
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