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With decades of combined cannabis packaging design, whether you have a design or not, our team can create the packaging that stands out and represents your brand how it deserves to be.

Low Order Minimums

With low order minimums and regulations changing constantly, you can have multiple versions of art for differest strains, flavors or products without investing in packaging that may become obsolete before you can use it.  Orders begin at 1,000 boxes.

quick turnaround

Get to  market quicker with our industry leading turn around times.  Our team will help you meet those deadlines and get your product on the shelves quicker.

Step 1: Choose Your Box

109mm 5 pack Box

box size

4.69" x 3.25" x 1.36"

98mm 5 pack box

box size

4.26" x 2.87" x 1.28"

84mm 5 pack box

box size

3.74" x 2.65" x 1.24"

Push Tab CR slider box

box size

3.50" x 2.24" x 0.80"

CR Tab Lock Box

box size

3.30" x 2.53" x 0.97"

Chocolate Bar CR Slider Box

box size

7.76' x 2.64" x 0.71"

Vape Pen Box with window

box size

5.93" x 1.95" x 1.15"

Concentrate Container box

box size

2.55" x 2.55" x 1.70"


box size

3.23" x 1.29" x 1.29"

Triangle Box

box size

3.20" x 1.44"

Slider Box

box size

4.03" x 1.44" x 1.09"

Vape Tube CR box

box size

5.55" x 1.27"



Clear PET


Step 2: Choose Your Size and Insert

Fully Customizable

Customizeable Insert to Keep your Product Secure

Custom Cannabis Product Boxes with Customizable Inserts: Enhance the presentation and safety of your cannabis products with our specialized custom boxes. Designed specifically for the cannabis industry, our custom boxes feature inserts that can be customized to securely hold any product. From pre-rolled joints to vape cartridges and edibles, our inserts are adaptable to accommodate a wide range of cannabis products. We understand the importance of preserving freshness and preventing damage during transit, which is why our custom boxes with customizable inserts offer both protection and customization. 

Design your Box to your Size Specifications

Tailor-Made Custom Boxes for Cannabis Products: Discover the ultimate packaging solution for your cannabis products with our custom boxes that can be customized to any size you need. Whether you're packaging flower jars, concentrates, edibles, or accessories, our custom boxes offer the flexibility to accommodate your unique product dimensions. We understand that the cannabis industry demands precise and customized packaging, which is why we provide the freedom to create boxes that perfectly fit your requirements. 

STEP 3: Choose Your Closure

Child Resistant and Standard Options

Child Resistant Options

When it comes to packaging cannabis products, the safety and security of both consumers and businesses are of utmost importance. That's why our custom boxes for the cannabis industry offer push-button and push-tab child-resistant options. These child-resistant features provide several key benefits. Firstly, they ensure compliance with regulations, demonstrating your commitment to responsible packaging. Secondly, they offer peace of mind, ensuring that your cannabis products are stored and transported safely, especially in households with children. Additionally, these child-resistant options enhance the professional image of your brand, instilling trust and confidence in your customers. Lastly, they provide convenience and ease of use for adult consumers, striking a balance between safety and accessibility. Choose our custom boxes with child-resistant features to prioritize safety and enhance your brand's reputation in the cannabis industry.

Standard Non Child Resistant Options

In addition to our child-resistant options, we also provide custom box styles without child resistance, specifically tailored for products like vape cartridges in the cannabis industry. These non-child-resistant options offer several key benefits. Firstly, they provide a more convenient and user-friendly experience for adult consumers, allowing easy access to the product without the need for additional steps. Secondly, they offer a cost-effective solution for packaging, as child-resistant features can add complexity and production costs. Additionally, these non-child-resistant custom boxes allow for more creative and visually appealing designs, allowing your brand to stand out on the shelves. Lastly, they offer flexibility for markets or regions where child resistance regulations may not be mandatory for certain product categories, allowing you to customize your packaging to suit specific market needs. Choose our non-child-resistant custom box options to enhance accessibility, aesthetics, and cost-efficiency for your cannabis products.

Step 5:  Choose Finish and Color

Complete the perfect custom box design by carefully selecting the ideal finish and color. The right finish, whether it's foil stamped, embossed or spot UV, adds a final touch of refinement and enhances the overall aesthetic appeal.

silver foil

Embrace the allure of silver foil on your custom boxes to showcase your design with elegance and sophistication. The shimmering silver foil adds a touch of luxury, enhancing the visual appeal of your packaging and making a lasting impression. Whether it's a logo, text, or intricate patterns, the silver foil brings a reflective and eye-catching element that elevates your brand's identity and captures the attention of customers.

gold foil

Infuse a sense of opulence and prestige into your custom boxes by utilizing gold foil to showcase your design. The rich and radiant gold foil instantly adds a touch of luxury, making your packaging stand out on the shelves. Whether it's a logo, typography, or intricate details, the gold foil accents bring a captivating and sophisticated element that exudes elegance and enhances your brand's identity.

emboss / deboss

Create a tactile and visually striking experience with embossing or debossing on your custom boxes to showcase your design. Embossing raises the design elements from the surface, adding depth and texture that captivates both the eyes and fingertips of your customers. On the other hand, debossing creates a subtle yet impactful impression as the design is pressed into the surface, conveying a sense of sophistication and elegance. 

spot uv

Unleash the power of spot UV printing on your custom boxes to elevate your design and make it truly shine. With spot UV printing, specific areas of your packaging can be enhanced with a glossy and raised finish, creating a stunning contrast against matte or standard printing. This technique adds depth, dimension, and a luxurious touch to your design, making your brand and product stand out with a visually captivating effect that catches the eye and exudes premium quality.

Production Process

  • Design the box style and size
  • Cut the paper to fit your box design
  • Die cutting the materials to make your box
  • Over Glueing
  • Paste the paper onto the box
  • Hand Molding to ensure a good even fit 
  • Punching
  • Pressure Bubble the box
  • Quality Control
  • Packing up your items
  • Shipping final product

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