ACTIVE™ Heavy Metals Policy

The following statement describes the processes and controls that ACTIVE™ factory uses to keep heavy metals out of finished products.


Manufacturing to exacting standards of purity means:

  • Sourcing only high-quality raw materials
  • Keeping the factory and manufacturing lines clean to prevent contamination
  • Continual oversight at the factory to ensure protocols are followed
  • Programmatic testing to ensure no defects or contamination

Raw Materials

ACTIVE™ products are made from a variety of materials. To achieve the desired quality and performance, they must source materials from specialty suppliers who can meet ACTIVE™ high standards. They buy metal that is lead-free. ACTIVE™ glass is borosilicate, zero absorption, non-leaching and legendary for its ability to withstand rapid heating and cooling. Oil-touching parts are BPA-free. ACTIVE™ cotton is organically grown.

Cross Contamination

To prevent cross-contamination ACTIVE™ factory takes precautions at every step of the manufacturing process:

  • All tooling ( i.e., fixtures, jjgs, gauges, molds, dies, cutting equipment and patterns ) is used solely to manufacture for ACTIVE™ to avoid cross-contamination with other products manufactured at lower standards.
  • Work-sites are regularly cleaned to make sure materials remain contaminant free.
  • Each production batch is tested for potential cross-contamination.
  • Before being added to the assembly line, all parts are tested by quality control teams for material defects and contamination.
  • Our production environments are clean, dust-free and set up for sterile production. We can ensure a clean manufacturing environment because we exclusively produce cannabis cartridges.


ACTIVE™ works closely with the actual people and machines that make the products. From testing to oversight ACTIVE™ makes sure that the right people are in place to ensure the quality of the finished product. This means checking protocols are followed, facilities stay clean, and products are batch tested before they go to customers.

Final and Batch Testing

Each “Master Lot” of 300,000 cartridges is batch tested. Post-production and prior to dispatch, a “Finished Testing Process” ensures cartridges are packaged and shipped free of defects and contamination.

Third Party Contamination Risk

We strongly recommend you carry out your own testing to ensure your entire supply chain is free of lead and other contaminants. Before mass production, conduct your own preliminary tests. We suggest filing a batch sample of your oil-filled cartridges and submitting samples to a licensed testing facility. There are several testing facilities to choose from. While we cannot vouch for any particular facility, we have worked with Bel Costa Labs ( They have been an excellent resource to us, especially for California testing procedures.