Bag King offers our own line of mylar bags,
designer bags, pre roll tubes, pop tops and
pre made boxes for our products.  With the ability to print and apply labels in house, we can fulfill your branding needs on time.  
Reach out to us and let us help you bring
your brand to life.

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Designed With the Customer in Mind

Convenience Built In

Our Wide Mouth Bag King line of mylar bags are designed with convenience built in.  Wider opening than most bags, this allows the bag to have a lower profile design.  Our child resistant  Wide Mouth bag series comes in a variety of colors and sizes for you to find the option that represents your style or brand the way it should.  Wide Mouth child resistant mylar bags are a must for any cannabis company.

In House Team of Designers

With a full time team of graphic designers, we can achieve the branding power that you are looking for.  Our knowledgeable staff can connect you with the designer that best suits your brand.  Whether you have an existing logo or just a concept, we can translate those ideas into custom packaging.

In House Application Services

Tired of un even labels, and applying everything by hand?  Let us do it for you.  Whether you are labeling bags, tubes, pop tops or jars, we have the machine to do it and a team that is ready to get it done.  We are proud to offer very quick turnaround times and shipping throughout the country.  Let us handle your next labeling project.

Bring Your Brand to Life

Let us help you brand your Bag King packaging.  Whether we are labeling your packaging,or going full custom, we have the solution that works for you and your brand.  

  • In House Label Printing
  • In House Designers
  • In House Label Application
  • Bulk Inventory on Hand
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