Grand Puff Pre Roll Cones, Blunt Tubes and Packaging

At BagKing we are proud to offer the full line of Grand Puff products, including multiple sizes of pre roll cones, premium blunt tubes, pre roll and vape tubes, accessories and supplies for your brand.  We also offer customization on all Grand Puff porducts.  Make Every Puff Grand with Grand Puff cones and blunt tubes.

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Why Grand Puff?

Designed With Purpose

Grand Puff Premium Pre-Rolled Papers were designed to deliver a premium smoking experience. Even-burning papers are designed to have a slow burn with no runs, truly making "Every Puff Grand". They include a 26mm filter provides a heat buffer and a handle both for improved sessions. Grand Puff products have been put through a 3 tier quality testing protocol to ensure each cone is consistent in quality providing the best user experience. Our papers are FSC-certified food-grade safe so you can be confident knowing you are providing the best to your customers.

Grand Puff Custom Pre Roll Filters

Custom pre roll filters help bring your brand to the next level and allow you to market your brand directly in the hand of your customers and friends every time they enjoy a pre roll. With a variety of customization options, you can assure your brand is represented to the highest standards.

Premium Blunt Tubes

Our European Hemp Blunt Tubes are made from high quality European Hemp under EU regulations. 100% Hemp pulp & Woodpulp.


Quality Vape at Realistic Prices

Introducing our new Grand Puff line of cartridges and disposables. Quality products & affordable prices make for more satisfying Puffs of your favorite Oil. Make Every Puff Grand!