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ACTIVE EZ Click™ Glass Cartridge with CA! Icon

1.0 mL | ACTIVE EZ Click™

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GoodCarts/AVD is now ACTIVE™!

Premium performance. Budget-friendly.

The ACTIVE EZ Click™ Glass empty glass cartridge for D8 and THC oil marries performance and reliability in the budget category. This classic glass cartridge is designed for your less complex concentrates like distillates and D8. Expect even, smooth heating from the proprietary ceramic core engine.

Compatible with all leading automation systems, fill and cap up to 50 cartridges at a time, or manually with ACTIVE EZ Click™ low pressure capping system. 

  • Once the EZ Click™ mouthpiece is installed, it cannot be removed for filling. It is a permanent press-fit that helps keep your product safe and tamper-resistant.


 Ohm Variance 0.10 - 0.15 (vs industry standard 0.15)
  • Proprietary GC ceramic core
  • RoHS food grade metal
  • Heavy-metals compliant
Failure Rate 1.0% (vs industry average 3-20%)


ACTIVE™ Consumer Safety Info.

ACTIVE™ Heavy Metals Policy

ACTIVE™ Tips and Tricks


ACTIVE™ Filling and Capping

ACTIVE™ Headspace and Transport

Product Specifications
Recommended Uses: Vape
Material: Glass
Cartridge Capacity: 1.0 ml (1.0 g)
Cartridge Resistance: 1.4 ohms
Cartridge Aperture: 2.0 mm
Cartridge Compatibility: EZ Click
State Compliance: California
What's Included?
Charger Included: No
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