ACTIVE™ Consumer Safety Information


ACTIVE™ Cartridge Safety

Products that don't meet specifications, are rejected.

ACTIVE™ takes product consistency and reliability very serious.  Any material that does not meet the exact standards or industry regulations is immediately rejected. 

ACTIVE™ cartridges are designed to meet or exceed strict safety standards in the US and Canada - including California Cat III heavy metal restrictions.

COA's, product MSDS and spec sheets available on request.

ACTIVE™ Battery Certifications


FDA and roHS compliant

AVD Seed, Alpha and Stick batteries meet or exceed the standards laid down by the FDA and the EU RoHs directive on harmful substances. These include lead, cadmium, mercury, hexavalent and chromium.


EU CE Compliant

The AVD Seed, Alpha and Stick batteries are CE compliant.  The EU's certification that electromagnetic interference falls within approved limits.


US FCC Compliant

The AVD Seed, Stik and Alpha batteries carry the FCC certified mark. The Federal Communications Commission’s certification that electromagnetic interference is within approved limits.

ACTIVE™ Process Certifications


ISO 9001 and 14001 Certified

ACTIVE manufactures under the international ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications. It means AVD consistently manufactures according to regulatory requirements, While seeking the efficient use of resources and waste reduction.


FDA cGMP Certified

cGMP certification validates AVD has the proper design, monitoring, and controls over our manufacturing – with the ability to detect and investigate quality deviations, contamination, and errors.


Sterile at Every Stage

International Standards

ACTIVE™ complies with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and cGMP standards.  Your assurance that ACTIVE™ adheres to reputed measures for product design, production and monitoring.

Clean Rooms

ACTIVE™ products are assembled in clean rooms.  This helps eliminate bacteria, dust and other pollutants.  ACTIVE™ also uses ultraviolet sterilization lamps to destroy pathogens.

Sterilization Showers

To remove pollutants, raw materials first must pass through high-intensity UV and ozone sterilization showers, before entering the clean-rooms.

Staff Hygiene

To remove dust and residual particulates, when staff leaves a clean room, they must sterilize their hands and pass through an air shower on the way back.

Uniform Hygiene

Between shifts, staff uniforms are scrubbed in a sterilization cupboard.  UV germicidal lamps and HEPA fiters help eliminate any pathogens.

Sterile Wrapping

ACTIVE™ carefully seals and wraps your finished products after assembly.  This minimizes the possibility of contamination, until you are ready to fill and cap.