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Magnetic Ring Adapter for 510 Cartridges

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AVD is now ACTIVE™!

The ACTIVE™ Magnetic Ring Adapter for 510 thread Cartridges is a premium magnetic adapter ring is designed for use on oil cartridges that drop into the battery such as the ACTIVE™ Seed, CCell Palm or Aristech batteries. Having a magnetic ring attached to every cartridge you own makes it far more convenient to quickly switch cartridges in your battery. Not to mention if you're stoned and forget to remove it when you dispose of the used cartridge you need these spares. 

This universal connector ring utilizes a 510 threading that can be attached to the bottom of most 510-accepting vape oil cartridges. Simply drop the entire cartridge with the attached magnetic ring into the battery's housing so the internal magnets will create a strong connection between the heating element and battery giving you the perfect hit you deserve.

This magnetic ring-style adapter is designed to be universally compatible and fits many devices on the market. 

  • Two height options included for both full gram and half gram cartridges
  • Compatible with most 510 cartridges
  • Does not cover the air holes of the cartridge
  • Optimized for ACTIVE™ Seed batteries
  • 10 rings per package (5 for half gram carts and 5 for full gram cartridges)

ACTIVE™ Consumer Safety Info.

ACTIVE™ Heavy Metals Policy

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Product Specifications
Recommended Uses: Vape
Material: Metal
What's Included?
Charger Included: No
Cartridge Included: No
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