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Kirkwood Disposable Vape

1.0 mL | 0.78 x 0.34 x 3.50 in

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This pod style disposable has a dual air pathway to prevent clogging, making it super easy to use. Charge it with a micro-USB to ensure maximum usage. Featuring a 1.6 mm aperture and a 1.0 mL capacity, the Grand Puff Kirkwood Disposable 1.0 offers precise and efficient performance.

Product Specifications
Dimensions: 0.78 x 0.34 x 3.50 in
Recommended Uses: Vape
Size: 1.0 ml
Material: Metal
Battery Size (mAh): 300 mAh
Draw Method: Draw Activated
Charger: Micro-USB
Cartridge Resistance: 1.3 ohms
Cartridge Aperture: 1.6 mm
What's Included?
Mouthpiece Included: Yes
Charger Included: No
Cartridge Included: All-in-One / Disposable
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