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Translucent Red Plastic Barrel Mouthpiece

EZ Click

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The AVD Translucent Red Cartridge Mouthpiece, a unique and stylish addition to your company's product line. This high-quality and comfortable mouthpiece is designed to fit both half-gram and full-gram AVD and GoodCarts EZ Click Cartridges.

The EZ Click Mouthpiece design keeps your cartridges tamper-proof with its patented low torque, easy snap-on locking system. The silicone seal at the base ensures a tight fit, and the mouthpiece is sold as a separate piece from the Cartridge Base. This allows for easy replacement, and the mouthpiece is compatible with both the AVD and GoodCarts EZ Click Cartridges.

This limited-edition mouthpiece is made of translucent red plastic that gives a sleek and exclusive look to your product. This product does not include the EZ Click Cartridge Base and is sold as the Mouthpiece Only. Stand out from the competition and offer a unique and comfortable experience for your customers with the Limited-Edition Translucent Red Cartridge Mouthpiece.

  • Once the EZ Click mouthpiece is installed, it cannot be removed for filling. It is a permanent press-fit that helps keep your product safe and tamper-resistant.

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    Material: Plastic
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