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Glass Cartridge with CA! Symbol

EZ Click

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Classic looks. Superior performance. 

The AVD EZ Click one gram Glass Cartridge is engineered for versatility and flavor. AVD No-burn Technology™ delivers the perfect hit from the first until the last draw with even heating, and consistent vaporization. 

Exceptionally versatile - fill with distillates, or your more complex oils like live resin or rosin.

EZ Click™ filling and capping technology makes automation effortless. If you prefer a more hands-on approach, the cartridge is easily capped by hand with minimal pressure.

  • Once the EZ Click mouthpiece is installed, it cannot be removed for filling. It is a permanent press-fit that helps keep your product safe and tamper-resistant.
Size  Cartridge Capacity Aperture Dimensions
 0.5ml / 2.0mm   0.5ml   2.0mm

 L: 27.05mm 

 Diameter: 10.60mm

 1.0ml / 2.0mm   1.0ml   2.0mm

 L: 37.45mm

 Diameter: 10.60mm


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Product Specifications
Dimensions: 0.5ml version – 27.05mm (without mouthpiece)
1.0ml version – 37.45mm (without mouthpiece)
Recommended Uses: Vape
Material: Glass
Cartridge Capacity: 0.5 mL (0.5 g)
1.0 mL (1.0 g)
Cartridge Resistance: 1.4 ohms
Cartridge Aperture: 2.0 mm
Cartridge Compatibility: EZ Click
Diameter: 10.60 mm
State Compliance: California
What's Included?
Charger Included: No
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