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Axil All-In-One Disposable

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Give the mass market more of what they love. Priced right, to compete in the budget category, without sacrificing on performance and reliability. Absorption and airflow engineered for distillates and novel cannabinoids with AVD’s VortexTM mouthpiece for longer, fuller, smoother hits. Just bigger than a lighter, the Axil fits discreetly in your hand, pocket, or purse.

Never load a single device by hand again. The Axil comes pre-racked in trays of 30, ready for mass filling and capping. The EZ Click system is compatible with all leading automation platforms and will help you scale even if you fill and cap by hand. The Axil keeps the party going with a popular USB-C quick rechargeable battery.

  • NOTE: Carts and disposables are not pre-filled. They do not contain any concentrate or otherwise.

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Product Specifications
Material: Thermo Plastic
Charging Type: USB-C
What's Included?
Charger Included: No
Cartridge Included: Yes, All-in-One / Disposable
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