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Amber Jar

40 dram

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Amber-colored 40 dram child-resistant glass jars provide exemplary protection. The container shields the contents from potentially damaging UV rays, preserving potency and quality over time. Additionally, the tightly sealed surface locks out oxygen and moisture, which helps maintain aroma, flavor, and freshness. The child-resistant feature ensures that only adults can open the jar, safeguarding it from accidental ingestion by minors. Glass is also a more sustainable option as jars can be reused, cleaned and do not add to plastic waste. Plus, they showcase the flower's beauty with an aesthetically pleasing presentation.



Product Specifications
Dimensions: 2.87 x 2.37 in
72.95 x 60.14 mm
Recommended Uses: Cannabis Flower
Mushrooms / Psilocybin
Size: 40 dram
Material: Glass
What's Included?
Cap Included: No
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