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Cones + Supply

98 Luxe Size Natural Paper Pre-Roll Cones

98 mm | 26 mm filter

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Cones + Supply 98 Luxe Size Pre-Rolled Papers are designed designed to have a slow burn. These 98mm / 26mm pre rolled cones are comprised of natural, unbleached rolling paper, evoking the feel of a classic joint. The included 26mm filter provides a heat buffer and a handle both for improved sessions. 

  • Price is for ONE box of 800
  • Made to fit in standard Knockbox or Thumper
  • Ultra-thin natural unbleached paper
  • Reefer size
  • 26mm crutch built in
Product Specifications
Recommended Uses: Pre-Rolls / Cones
Material: Unbleached Natural Paper
Cone Size: 98 mm
Pre-Roll Size: Luxe Size
Crutch Size: 26 mm
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