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Compostable Squeeze Top Child-Resistant Pre-Roll Tube

116 mm | 4.5 x 0.75-in

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Compostable Squeeze Top Child-Resistant Pre-Roll Tubes are an easy, convenient, and safe solution for packaging cones while remaining eco-friendly. These tubes are made with NEO Plastics, which is designed to be disposed into a standard trash bin.

Featuring a positive seal for enhanced freshness. The odor-tight seal significantly deceases odor to ensure secure storage and privacy. These 116mm tubes are sized for king sized cones.  Given their larger size in comparison to j-tubes this packaging solution can fit everything from 1 1/4" rolling papers, king sized rolling papers, various cone rolling papers, as well as a plethora of wraps. These are a must have for any dispensary or collective.  


    Product Specifications
    Material: Bioplastic, Plastic
    What's Included?
    Cap Included: Hinged Lid
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