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Cannabis Packaging

In House Designers

With decades of combined cannabis packaging design, whether you have a design or not, our team can create the packaging that stands out and represents your brand how it deserves to be.

Low Order Minimums

With low order minimums and regulations changing constantly, you can have multiple versions of art for differest strains, flavors or products without investing in packaging that may become obsolete before you can use it.  Orders begin at 250 labels per design / SKU.

In House printing

Label printing and application in-store can help improve accuracy, efficiency, and customer satisfaction by ensuring that products are properly labeled and priced.

How To Begin Your Custom Labeled Project

Choose Your Product

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labeled pop tops

labeled mylar bags

labeled glass jars 

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Additional Packaging

Choose from a variety of packaging options on our site, and we can get it labeled!

Choose Your Label Type




Choose Label Size

Full Coverage

For jars and tubes, full coverage wraps all the way around the jar or tube.  For mylar bags, full coverage labels cover the entire bag, leaving only a small portion of bag visible along the outer edge.  This is a good way to achieve the full custom look with a lower order minimum and quicker turnaround time.
***Mylar bags using full coverage labels CANNOT be heat sealed after label is applied***

Standard Label

For jars and tubes, this option leaves a small gap between the label ends where the jar or tube is visible.  This is a great option when you need to use a tamper label going from cap to jar, leaving a portion to affix the tamper label to without covering any of the label.  For mylar bags, this option goes from the zipper down, leaving the upper portion of the bag exposed.
***Mylar bags using standard labels CAN be heat sealed after label is applied***

Minimum order quantity of just 500 pieces

Why Custom Labels?

Benefits of Branding your Products

Branding your products is highly beneficial for several reasons. Firstly, it helps to establish a unique identity for your products, setting them apart from competitors and making them more memorable to customers. A strong brand identity can help to build customer loyalty and trust, as well as increasing the perceived value of your products.

Secondly, branding can help to create a consistent image and message for your products, allowing you to control the way that they are perceived in the marketplace. This can be particularly important if you are operating in a crowded or highly competitive market, where it can be difficult to stand out without a clear and distinctive brand identity.

Thirdly, branding can help to increase awareness of your products, both among existing customers and potential new ones. By using consistent branding across all of your marketing materials, including packaging, advertising, and social media, you can create a strong and memorable presence in the marketplace.

Finally, a strong brand can also help to create a sense of emotional connection with your customers, encouraging them to become advocates for your products and to spread the word to others. This can be particularly important in industries where word-of-mouth recommendations and referrals are key drivers of sales and revenue.

Label Application Services

BagKing is a leading company that specializes in printing and applying custom labels to cannabis packaging, revolutionizing the industry with our state-of-the-art printers and label applicators. With our cutting-edge technology and expertise, BagKing ensures precision and high-quality results, delivering stunning labels that perfectly complement your brand identity. Whether it's vibrant product labels, informative stickers, or regulatory requirements, their advanced printing capabilities guarantee exceptional clarity and detail. With our in-house production, BagKing offers fast turnaround times, allowing you to efficiently meet your labeling needs and bring your cannabis products to market with confidence and style. Trust BagKing to provide top-notch custom label solutions for your cannabis packaging requirements.

1) Design label 

The process begins by designing your label and adding the necessary legal verbiage and symbols.  If you already have a label design, this will make the process a lot quicker.

2) Art Approval

We will submit the artwork to you for approval, and adjust as needed.  If there are too many revisions, this can increase turnaround time and overall cost.  Once you approve the design, production begins.

3) Production

After approval of art, we begin the production process by printing your labels and adding the finish of your choice.  Once labels have printed, we send over to the application team to begin applying labels to your packaging of choice.

4) Shipping

Once production is over, we neatly package your products up for delivery.  If you need expedited delivery be sure to let us know so we can find the shipping option that works best for your timeline.

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