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Brand King Squeeze Pop Top Plastic Tube for Cartridge (80mm)


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These Squeeze Pop Top Plastic Tubes for Cartridges (80mm) will safely contain and store most .5ml and 1ml cartridges. Clear plastic allows cartridge and oil to be seen while remaining protected. A popular choice for premium cartridges such as AVD, CCell, and Acloud.
  • Child-resistant style closure
  • Price is for ONE tube
  • Minimum order: 50 tubes
  • Sold in packs of 50
  • Case Quantity: 1000
Material: Plastic
Outside Dimensions: 0.755" Dia. X 3.090"Ht.
Inside Dimensions: 0.620" Dia. X 2.809" Ht.
Metric: 12.7mm Diameter Series
Outside Dimensions: 19.18mm Dia. X 78.49mm Ht.
Inside Dimensions: 15.75mm Dia. X 71.35mm Ht.
Volume: 0.52 oz 4.12 drams 15.23 mL
brandBrand King