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Silicone End Caps

Pack of 100

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If you are looking for a way to protect your silicone cartridges from dust and contamination, you might want to consider buying some silicone cartridge covers. These are small caps that fit over the mouthpiece of your cartridge after you fill it with your desired product. They help to prevent leaks, spills and oxidation, and they also make your cartridges look more professional and hygienic. You can use them for any type of cartridge that has a round mouthpiece, such as 510 thread or pod style cartridges. Silicone cartridge covers are easy to use and reusable. Don't let your cartridges go uncovered, get some silicone cartridge covers today and keep your customers safe and satisfied.

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Product Specifications
Recommended Uses: Vape
Material: Silicone
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