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Shopping for high quality Luggage by top brands like Samsonite, Briggs and Riley, Travel Pro and Ogio has never been easier. Whether you are after the spinner 4 wheel collections which are super easy to roll through the airport or the hard-side luggage which has also become very popular because it’s huge variety of colorful and fancy prints, you will be traveling in style while making it very easy to spot your bags on the turnstile. Now that baggage fees are a big money maker for the airlines lightweight luggage is more important than ever. With all the options there is to consider with travel bags it’s nice to have a huge selection and great deals on all styles of wheeled and rolling Luggage.

Now that the airlines are charging over $50 in some cases for each piece of checked luggage its imperative you travel prepared. For starters, you will need to check with the airline you are flying with to know their baggage fees and requirements. Choosing the right luggage can help prevent unexpected baggage fees and makes traveling with bags much easier. Now that TSA has a laundry list of do’s and don’ts it’s best to be prepared for them before you get to the security checkpoints or customs.


Trying to cram your oversized bag or luggage into the overhead compartment as impatient passengers struggle to get by is not only embarrassing but frustrating and if you’re not very tall or don’t have the arm & shoulder strength it’s simply not safe. After all, no one wants a 35lb piece of luggage dropped on their head! Picking the right carry-on enables you to experience the freedom of traveling without checked bags. No worrying about lost luggage or extra baggage fees if you can pack light or pack smart.