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JanSport is the #1 brand when it comes to Backpacks. Let’s face it, unless you never left the house and didn't own a school book during K-12 you have heard of JanSport. If that was the case you probably can’t read this anyway!! None the less, the reason they dominate the book bag and backpack market is because they make quality stylish packs that are covered by a lifetime warranty. The fact that they have a lifetime warranty is fantastic but the cool thing is that it rarely needs to be applied because they hold up so well.

From their #1 selling Superbreak model to the tried and true Right Pack with the suede leather bottom they have always served the student well. If you need a large school backpack to hold that extra huge binder and books look no further than the JanSport Big Student which is appropriately named.

Now that books are starting to slowly fade into the abyss and be replaced by the ereaders, Ipads, laptops, smart phones and gizmo 7.0 ultra king daddy wham bam data push devices, they have packs with special padded pockets and sleeves to keep those devices safe and secure.

So the bottom line is that you will be happy as a clam, because everyone knows how happy clams are, when you sport that cool new JanSport backpack around school, work, the airport or your living room in case your that kid who we spoke of earlier…It’s great to be happy; it’s great to have a JanSport backpack!