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Pre-Roll / Edible Push N' Pull Large Box


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The all new Press N’ Pull Box is the first of it’s kind. The Press N’ Pull Box is THE child resistant solution to concentrate packaging and is a CPSC Certified product. The Press N’ Pull Box will hold up to 7 envelopes of shatter, 6-7 pre-rolled joints, standard size cigarettes, flower, kief and any other items you would like to secure in a child resistant package. The top of the container has a smooth flat area made for custom printing, labels, and other branding solutions. OLCC (Oregon) compliant, Colorado compliant, Washington compliant and California compliant.

    To open, press the inner tray toward the back of the box. Keeping the inner tray pressed, press the release button at the back of the box. Pull the tray forward.

    MADE IN USA. 100% recyclable. Please recycle!

    • Price is for ONE box
    • Sold in quantities of 25
    • Internal dimensions: 3.9″ X 2.1″ X .5″
    • External dimensions: 4.2″ X 2.35″ X .65″
    • CPSC Certified Child Resistant

    Label Printing and Application Price Sheet

    200-499 500-999 1000-1999 2000+
    Label $0.39 $0.32 $0.24 $0.20
    Printing Setup $30.00 $25.00 $20.00 FREE
    Application N/A N/A N/A N/A
    Application Setup N/A N/A N/A N/A


    • This box uses a 4" x 2" Sticker Label, Call for other sticker label size options.
    • Full color background (full bleed) add $0.04 each    


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