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It took courage, conviction and imagination to evolve from an IV bag in a tube sock sold by a motorcycle-driven sales force of one.

25 years later and the legendary origins of Camelpak live on. As famous as they've ever been, their goal has been a consistent one: to quench your thirst... easily! The originators of the hands-free hydration system. Accept no substitutes!


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Camelbak is the originator when it comes to hydration backpacks for hiking, cycling and water bottles. CamelBak's state-of-the-art backpack hydration systems have benefited athletes, outdoors men, and soldiers around the world. BagKing.com stocks the most popular CamelBak hydration backpacks including CamelBak Classic, CamelBak Mule & CamelBak Hawg, as well as accessories and cleaning kits. In addition to every Camelback hydration backpack and accessory, don't leave the house without the popular CamelBak water bottles for cycling or the convenient Better Bottle for the gym.

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